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Wilkinson County Elementary School 



Wilkinson County Elementary School
P. O. Box 530 Irwinton, Georgia 31042 Ph: 478-946-5527 FAX: 478-946-7153
Dr. Judith A. Geter, Principal
Ms. Christy King, Assist. Principal
Teresa Ingram, Counselor Tamara Underwood, Bookkeeper/Registrar Vickie Densley, Receptionist




July 31, 2017 
Greetings Students and Parents, 


We welcome each of you back from a restful summer and to the window of opportunity at Wilkinson County Elementary School.  Learning is our PRIORITY.  Our faculty and staff will be  W orking daily to C apture high E xpectations for S uccess. It is our intent to create and foster an educational environment that is safe and conducive to learning.  We want our students to enjoy coming to school and our parents to feel welcomed when they enter our doors.  Our 2017-2018 school theme is: Wilkinson County Elementary is “S.O.A.Ring” to New Heights: Successfully using Opportunities to Achieve great Results.  Our district Mission is Expand – Empower – Excel (E3). Thus, our Vision is to make students competent builders of a globally competitive future. We will continue to challenge our students with rigor and academic relevance. We will also help your child be responsible for his/her own learning through student data notebooks. Using our grading rubrics, lexile and quantile measures, we continue our promise to raise student achievement and prepare students to be College and Career Ready.   Also included is our Title I Parent Involvement Plan and Handbook which outlines how you as parents can be active in our school and be included in plans for student performance.   Please read this handbook carefully and ask any teacher or administrator if you have any questions.  The handbook contains policies, rules, and expectations regarding student performance and behavior as well as provides information about parent activities and resources available at Wilkinson County Elementary School. The last page should be signed and returned to school.   


Sincerely yours in education, 


 Dr.  Judith Geter,  Principal 


Expand – Empower – Excel (E3); Making students competent builders of a globally competitive future.